Celebrity Profile: How Drake Went From 0 to $150 Million

Celebrity Profile: How Drake Went From 0 to $150 Million

Aubrey Drake Graham, or simply Drake has been at the top of not only Hip-Hop but the music industry as a whole.


The artist of the decade is what he is known as now it was made official when he received the billboard award that had the same title.


Billboard award


He has topped the charts a record 15 times when it comes to rap singles a further 19 if you include R&B singles to that list.


He beats the likes of Jay-Z, Michael Jackson, Elton John, and Elvis Presley with the number of weeks his music has spent on the Hot 100, Those are icons whose music will surely live on forever.


Hard work and dedicating his life to his craft have made him a living legend somewhat of a myth.


Drake has an estimated net worth of 150 million dollars. We will break down how he has gained such a vast amount of wealth.


Aubrey Drake Graham


Octobers very own is a nickname that he has given to himself like 6God, but Octobers very own or OVO as it is known as is more than just a reference to which month he was born on.


He has turned those three words into part of his legacy.


OVO is Drake’s clothing line and a record label that he co-owns is one of Drake’s biggest contributors to his net worth.


Real estate investments are another reason why Drake is one of the richest Rappers alive.


There have also been rumors that Drake charges 1 Million Dollars for a feature, which is pretty expensive but working with him almost guarantees a hit song so maybe it is worth every penny.


He features in a lot of artists’ music so adding to the fee he charges the money starts adding up. He also is an investor of a lifestyle brand called 100 Thieves that is known for gaming and e-sports.


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