Cities that Continue to Party Past COVID

Cities that Continue to Party Past COVID

It’s Hooray time for cities where COVID could not curb the party scene after all!


Not to mention, the dreaded disease had the upper hand to put people in quarantine, and get everyone without exception to wear masks.


2020 has been a most exasperating time, as far as anyone could remember. Empty restaurants and vacant nightclubs were the order of the day as COVID halted all social gatherings.


But, the worst is over as many cities return to normalcy.


It’s Party Time in Texas


Party Time in Texas


Take Texas, for example. Governor Greg Abbott decided to lift all restrictions on social distancing in early March.


He also lifted the state-wise mask mandate, a move that was widely approved by the Texan crowd. Emboldened by such announcements, the nightlife scenario is taking quick steps to return to normalcy.


Besides Texas, Florida has also been one of the states where people are still visiting party houses, despite the pandemic.


What’s the general mood among partygoers? People agree that it’s finally the time to enjoy, and restore the fun they had!


Billy Bob’s in Fort Worth kind of led the charge. The venue celebrated the moment they could ditch the mask in a frantic party night for a packed house of 3,000 people.


It was a jubilant celebration of freedom, and this sentiment echoed everywhere.


In Houston, partygoers packed up Midtown clubs to enjoy the spring break. Thousands came to Galveston Island to hit the beaches.


Houston has been sort of a frontrunner in the party scene. In fact, even a week before the mask mandate was finally lifted, club floors in Midtown were filled to capacity by an excited crowd.


Party life trends observers say that this trend will continue, and keep growing as more cities reopen after lockdown.


Enjoy Miami


Enjoy Miami


Zoom in to Miami, Florida. Lockdown, as usual, had put a full stop to the nightlife in South Beach.


However, a majority of these places braved the eclipse and came back to their former glory. These places give South Beach the reputation of one of the best places on earth to have fun right now.


Florida has been one of the frontrunners in lifting COVID restrictions. Governor Ron DeSantis allowed bars and restaurants to open at full capacity in September 2020 itself.


Here are a few nightlife destinations in Florida that never fail to draw crowds.


You can still visit E11EVEN, but you must have sit reservations. As the current curfew has limited the operating hours of this 24-hour nightclub, there are new rules to abide by.


The 4 a.m. fun now happens at 4 p.m. The club also took the opportunity of lockdown to do renovations, so a lot of furnishings here are brand new.


The reservation requirements have been applied to Club Space as well, another 24-hour joint in Miami. Instead of basking in the famous terrace sunrises, the club’s inviting members to enjoy sunsets.


El Patio in Wynwood still remains a thriving place to enjoy Miami’s nightlife.


They are famous for hiring a rotating set of DJs who play everything from Latino to Reggae and Hip Hop. ATV Records and Do Not Sit on the Furniture are still operating, either one of them being cozy venues.


The same goes for Twist, the iconic gay nightclub in Miami.


Most nightclubs that managed to stay in business had to find a way to beat the countywide curfew. The newest after-party scenario consists of day-drinking, and it is happening both indoors and outdoors.


Besides, attendees must also make advanced table reservations so that things could be kept socially distanced.


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