COVID’s Effect On Partying & Nightlife

COVID’s Effect On Partying & Nightlife

Back in the day, nightlife was one of the best things about being in Miami or Las Vegas, or even New York! Whether it was all-day festivals or general weekend nightlife, these cities came alive after the sun went down. There’d be nothing out of the ordinary about massive crowds surrounding the bar, or a mosh pit at a festival stage. But, this year has been about as unordinary as you can possibly get right from the very start.

Current restrictions put a damper on things
Since COVID has now become a staple in everyone’s life, music festivals have been cancelled, night clubs shut down, and even general partying has been nixed. Our city streets are quiet and dark, instead of bright and teeming with partiers on the way from one venue to another.



First to close and last to reopen: Initially, COVID shut everything down. Like, everything. Amongst the first to close down were nightlife spots, including clubs and bars. As the world got a handle on the coronavirus, the city started gradually opening up its doors again. Except those very same nightlife spots. Both the first to close and the last to open meant a whole lot of lost revenue and an uncertain future.

Social distancing: Regardless of where you go or what you’re doing, it’s now mandatory to keep a 6-foot distance from those around you, save for medical professionals and other personal care situations. Well, that kind of distance goes against nightclubs and bars in most cases, making them far from the enjoyable party atmosphere.

Reduced capacity: Even those places that are able to either take the party outside or somehow enforce 6-foot distancing within their establishments now have to operate at reduced capacity to find safe ways to keep people out and about, but still safe from easy spreading of the virus from customer to customer.


Can nightlife recover?
The thing is, the whole reason for going to the clubs is to enjoy some time on the dance floor, enjoying drinks and snacks and socializing with random strangers that you meet in the bathroom. Not only are pretty much all of these activities restricted, clubbers and partiers are now uncomfortable with getting within 6 feet of each other! Kinda hard to take a selfie with your new bestie if they’re that far away, right?
The other main thing about clubs and party nightlife is that a lot of the smaller spots in the city cores were taking things from weekend to weekend. Many of them have been forced to close their doors forever simply because there is no way for them to safely reopen without violating all of the restrictions put in place by health and safety advisors.

While it’s still too early to tell what the future will hold for nightlife and COVID, there have been no shortage of changes to the party atmosphere. Instead of being the highlight of the week, it’s now an outing full of risk and danger leaving many to wonder whether it’s worth going out at all.

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