Free Beer! Busch Giving Away Brews When U.S. Hits 70% Vaccination

Free Beer! Busch Giving Away Brews When U.S. Hits 70% Vaccination

It took quite a long time for scientists to understand COVID-19 virus and invent its vaccine. Things have started to change as the world is undergoing vaccination. But, do you know there are many people who are not into getting vaccinated just because they don’t believe that there is a virus like coronavirus? They don’t realize the importance of vaccination. In the USA, big names have taken it upon them to spread awareness about COVID-19 vaccination. Anheuser-Busch is one of them.


Being the brewing giant, Anheuser-Busch took on the news that he is willing to facilitate Americans with another incentive against their decision to get vaccinated. And guess what’s the incentive- free beer!



In a recent statement, the giant declared that the next round of non-alcoholic beverage, seltzer or beer will be available for free, if the population supports President Biden’s goal to increase the percentage of the vaccinated population to 70% by Independence Day. Yes, the President has revealed to the public that so far, the US government has managed to vaccinate 63% of adult Americans with one dose (at least) but, it doesn’t seem enough, considering the outbreak of coronavirus across the country.



Anheuser-Busch took this challenge upon his shoulders and decided to reward people with free beer to get vaccinated. Now, you would be wondering how he would know if the person has been vaccinated or not. Well, don’t worry; he already has a plan for this. Every vaccinated individual will be given a $5 virtual credit card, which he/she can use to enjoy the free beer. So, did you take the vaccine? If not, then this is the perfect opportunity to grab!


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