New Must-Have DJ Equipment in 2021

New Must-Have DJ Equipment in 2021

The lockdown has been challenging for all of us but, for some of us, it has brought out new hobbies and interests. It has given an opportunity to novices to further cultivate their passion and talent.


Whether this is something you’ve wanted to do for a long time or just a fancy you want to cross off your bucket list, we’ve got you covered. Instead of leaving you to forage through the web and decide for yourself which equipment you might need, we’ve curated a concise list of all the newly developed DJ equipment you will need to get ahead as a DJ.


1. The Rane DJ Controller


Rane DJ Controller


Every great DJ needs an equally great controller to make sure none of their movements are restricted in any form. With a unique 7-inch turntable design and multi-functional performance pads, rest assured you’ll be able to showcase your talent in its full range.


2. The Audio Technica DJ Monitor Headphones


Audio Technica DJ Monitor Headphone


To make sure your beats are enough to get the crowds roaring, you need to be able to hear them as well as you can. Audio Technica offers a unique sound experience at a reasonable and cost-effective price. It is simply perfect for those who are just starting out under a budget.


3. The Shure Live Microphone


Shure Live Microphone


What makes your performance great as a DJ besides your music is how you interact with the crowd and get them stimulated. It’s state of the art technology prevents vibration, improves the overall acoustic quality, and gets your sound across the audience.


4. The Chauvet DJ 4Play


Chauvet DJ 4Play


Acoustics are not the only things a DJ needs to master. In fact, visuals are an important part of the DJ experience. In order to fully engage your audience, you need to be a master at reading the room to gauge which visual effects will hype up the crowd even more.


All in all, quarantine has provided many of us with opportunities to explore our creative sides. For those genuinely fascinated with the idea of becoming a DJ, make sure to get your hands on these items to wow the crowd at your next party!


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