Steve Aoki Spends $300,000 on NFT Art!

Steve Aoki Spends $300,000 on NFT Art!

It is evident that world renowned DJ Steve Aoki is an avid supporter of the cryptocurrency and NFT (non-fungible token) mania. In fact, he recently purchased a NFT piece for a whopping 96 ETH (or approximately $300,000 USD!).

The piece created by the group 0n1force is 1 of 7777 computer generated images with hand drawn features. This particular piece features the rare tiger skin and golden fox mask.

So what is a NFT and why has it been so popular as of lately?

Additional characters featured in the 0n1Force NFT collection

To keep it short, a non-fungible token is a digital asset that represents internet collectibles like art, music, and games with an authentic certificate created by blockchain technology.

So by purchasing this piece, Aoki has proof of authenticity and gives him complete ownership as well as distribution rights.
This is only one of the few NFT projects Aoki has dipped his hands into. He has collaborated with multiple artists to create and sell NFTs, most of which have already sold out. Although the cake-throwing DJ’s recent $300,000 purchase seems to be a lot by anybody’s standards, he recently sold a collaboration piece of his own with artist Antoni Tudisco for a staggering $888,888! View this project, named “Hairy” here.

With all this, it seems like Aoki and his love for NFTs is just beginning. In addition to providing updates to his upcoming projects on his Twitter, Aoki has also recently secured funding for a NFT TV pilot show. Read more about it here.

Despite all this, because the space is still fairly new to the world, many of us question what’s in store for the future for cryptocurrency and NFTs? Is this just a fad or is this here to stay for many years to come? Only time will tell.
Leave some comments below on what you think about the future of cryptocurrency and NFTs!

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