New Study Shows Electronica Is The Most Contagious Music Genre

New Study Shows Electronica Is The Most Contagious Music Genre

In a new study done by a team of mathematicians at McMaster University in Ontario, Canada, it is revealed to us that music can spread just like a virus. And electronica music appears to be the most infectious of music genres.

How was this study done? Well, when a song hits the radio or a streaming service like Spotify, or gets shared on a social media platform like Tik-Tok, Dora Rosati and her team of researchers were able to identify the download patterns of these songs, and these patterns very well represented the epidemic curves for diseases.

The study, published in Proceedings of the Royal Society A: Mathematical and Physical Sciences, revealed that dance and metal music had the lowest spreadability scores. Rock music and hip-hop was slightly more infectious than pop music. And electronica music was notably the most infectious music genre.

The study analyzed “1.4 billion individual song downloads from the now-discontinued music streaming service MixRadio. Focusing on the top 1,000 songs downloaded in the UK between 2007 and 2014, they measured how well a standard model of epidemic disease, called the SIR model, fitted trends in song downloads over time.”

Rosati, lead author of the study, shared:

“With a disease, if you come into contact with someone who is ill, then you have a certain chance of catching that disease. With songs, it looks very similar. The big difference is that for songs, it doesn’t necessarily have to be physical contact – it could be that my friend used this cool new song in their Instagram story, so now I’m going to go and find it.”


Read more on the study “Mathematicians Discover Music Really Can Be Infectious Like a Virus” here.

Source: The Guardian | Picture by Rukes.com

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