Top 10 Party Cities To Visit in Asia

Top 10 Party Cities To Visit in Asia

Asia might not be the first continent to come to your mind when someone says party.


However, Asian destinations offer affordable and wild experiences for tourists who want to go clubbing. So, here are some cities in Asia that can give you a good time.


1. Boracay, Philippines




Boracay used to be known as a notorious party island. However, times are changing and the island is becoming more refined, sophisticated, and classy.


So, visit this hidden gem to experience remnants of that Boracay used to be and witness its transformation.


Don’t miss: Boracay PubCrawl, Paraw Beach Club


2. Goa, India




Goa is a coastal paradise that is infamous for its concerts, raves, and nightlife. The destination hosts wild beach parties that go on until sunrise.


In addition to this, alcohol is very affordable in Goa.


Don’t miss: Club Cabana, OWL, Tito’s


3. Koh Samui, Thailand


Koh Samui


Koh Samui is a hot destination for bachelor and bachelorette parties. The gorgeous island has unbeatable beach parties that are isolated from crowds and buildings.


This is the best island for people who want to party amongst nature.


Don’t miss: Coco Tams, Ark Bar, Nikki Beach


4. Seoul, South Korea




Moving on to a more cosmopolitan location, Seoul is always bustling with activity, including a very energetic nightlife.


Be sure to visit the Hongdae and Gangnam(yes, like the song) districts, which are filled with trendy pubs.


Don’t miss: Octagon, M2, Arena


5. Gili Trawangan, Indonesia


Gili Trawangan


Indonesia is dotted with gorgeous party islands that allow you to escape crowded cities. Gili Trawangan is possibly the king of nightlife in Bali.


Visitors say that the party starts as soon as you set your foot down from your ferry ride.


Don’t miss: Ombak, Jiggy Jig’s


6. Phuket, Thailand




Phuket is another hot bachelor/bachelorette destination, in addition to being a honeymoon destination.


This hedonistic location has a party in every corner. Hit one of its numerous beachside clubs for a good time.


Don’t miss: Illuzion, Sugar Club, Tai Pan


7. Beirut, Lebanon




According to CNN, Beirut is third among the top five nightlife cities around the world.


Although not many tourists would prefer this destination, Beirut’s parties are incomparable. The city’s rooftop bars offer beautiful Mediterranean views and affordable booze.


Don’t miss: The Garten, SkyBar, BLVD 44


8. Singapore




There is no doubt that Singapore is expensive. But, it is probably the most stylish party destination in Asia.


The city is an amalgamation of multiple cultures, such as Indian, Chinese, and Malay. So, you can expect the best aspects of these cultures in Singapore’s nightlife.


Don’t miss: Zouk, Canvas, Cherry Discotheque


9. Langkawi, Malaysia




Langkawi is a beachside gem in Malaysia that has been gaining popularity as a wedding and party destination.


You can easily find a relaxed waterfront club or an energetic one with great music.


Don’t miss: Antero, Rhu Bar, Charlie’s Bar and Grill


10. Tel Aviv, Israel


Tel Aviv


Tel Aviv is another vibrant and energetic city that tops many nightlife lists. The city is known for its 24-hour lifestyle and experimental music.


Not to forget, the late-night restaurants in Tel Aviv offer lip-smacking food.


Don’t miss: Kuli Alma, The Block, Alphabet


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