Top 10 Party Cities To Visit In Europe

Top 10 Party Cities To Visit In Europe

Europe is a dream destination for many travellers.


Some like to visit for art, others for culture, and the rest for leisure. However, it must be noted that the Europeans really know how to party.


So, if you are looking to experience the nightlife in Europe, here are some of the best cities that you need to party in.


1. Berlin, Germany




Berlin has the most diverse nightlife out of all European cities. The land of techno has so much to offer to its party-hungry tourists.


Be it experimental trance or reggae, the city’s clubs are an amalgamation of world music. Additionally, you can try your luck at visiting the uber-exclusive and secretive Berghain bar.


Don’t miss: Berghain, KitKat and Sisyphos


2. Amsterdam, The Netherlands




Amsterdam brings out a different vibe in its nightlife. The city’s clubs have a cool and laid back feel to them, with something to offer to any type of music lover.


Plus, you can always make use of the liberal environment and enjoy everything that the destination has to offer.


Don’t miss: Shelter, NYX, De School


3. Ibiza, Spain




There is a reason for Ibiza being known as the “clubbing capital of the world”.


At its peak time, the enthralling destination has numerous music events and celebrations at the same time. Prepare for a sensory explosion like never before in this Spanish gem.


Don’t miss: El Divino, Pacha, Amnesia


4. Barcelona, Spain




Moving from one Spanish destination to another, Barcelona has a completely different feel when compared to Ibiza.


The inhabitants of the city begin their nightlife only after 9 pm! So, you can expect to be partying until the sun comes up. Be sure to indulge in the city’s delectable food and drinks, apart from the music.


Don’t miss: Razzmatazz, Sala Apolo, Opium


5. Prague, Czechia




Tourists are increasingly moving to more Central and Eastern European cities to escape the prices of their Western counterparts.


Prague is one such location that offers charm and energy at affordable rates. The city itself is magical, so tourists will have no trouble finding a place that they can dance in.


Don’t miss: The largest club in Europe, Karlovy Lazne Club


6. Mykonos, Greece




Mykonos is a hot destination for every type of tourist for multiple reasons. But did you know that the Greeks can part hard?


This Aegean paradise features sunset parties at the beach and natural ambience like no other. Be warned though, Mykonos can get very expensive.


Don’t miss: Skandinavian Bar, ASTRA, VOID


7. London, England




London is a cosmopolitan city in every manner, including its nightlife. It features high-end clubs for the wealthy and budget clubs for its diverse student and tourist populations.


The city is also a great haven for up-and-coming musicians to display their talent.


Don’t miss: Cargo, Ministry of Sound, Heaven


8. Budapest, Hungary




Budapest attracts tourists who want to experience its rugged charm and affordable nightlife.


The city has unique “Ruin Bars” which are fun pubs that have emerged from broken down or abandoned buildings. Also, the city is heavily underrated, so, you can escape the crowds that are common in Western European cities.


Don’t miss: Szimpla Kert, Doboz, Mazel Tov


9. Dubrovnik, Croatia




Dubrovnik is quickly gaining a reputation as an energetic party destination. The beachside town offers amazing views of the medieval city and unmatchable sunsets.


Also, the Old Town has plenty of pub crawls that can entertain you.


Don’t miss: Buza Bar, a hidden pub


10. Paris, France




Paris never fails to disappoint its tourists. The classy Western European city is known for its glamor and style.


Although Paris’ nightlife is on the expensive side, the quaint and classic pubs are a must-visit.


Don’t miss: Rex Club, Djoon, L’Arc


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