Top 10 Party Cities To Visit in South America

Top 10 Party Cities To Visit in South America

South America is loaded with vibrant nightlife and culture. With European and indigenous influences, South American cities are a melting pot of wonderful experiences.


So, if you are a tourist looking to live it up in South America, this is a list of the best party cities in the content.


1. Buenos Aires, Argentina


Buenos Aires


Buenos Aires is known as the Paris of South America due to its Parisian architecture. Like Paris, Buenos Aires is bustling with nightlife.


The city has both expensive megaclubs and affordable smaller ones. Bear in mind that the parties begin very late at night.


Don’t miss: Jet Lounge, Rose Bar


2. Valparaiso, Chile




While Santiago, Chile’s capital has its fair share of nightlife, Valparaiso has the most interesting pubs and bars.


The Pacific-facing nightclubs offer some envious views of the ocean and the city. In addition to this, the clubs are very edgy and youthful.


Don’t miss: Pachanguero bar, Viva Maria, Terraza Mimi


3. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil


Rio De Janeiro


Rio De Janeiro is the poster city of South America. Tourists can find a great party in every corner of the city.


To experience Rio at its finest, you need to pay a visit to a favela or ghetto party, provided that you go with somebody that you know.


Don’t miss: Febarj, Fosfobox, Bip Bip


4. Cali, Colombia


Cali, Colombia


Cali is the unofficial capital of salsa dancing. So, find yourself in a salsoteca in Cali and dance away into the night.


Also, contrary to its reputation, Cali is quite safe for tourists.


Don’t miss: La Topa Tolondra, Tintindeo


5. Medellín, Colombia


Medellín, Colombia


Medellin is the place to be if you love reggaeton. Made popular by Pablo Escobar for all the wrong reasons, the city is actually very vibrant and fun.


Tourists are bound to enjoy the distinct music in Medellin.


Don’t miss: Babylon, Son Havana, Dulce Jesus Mio


6. Mancora, Peru


Mancora, Peru


Mancora is a hidden beach-side city that attracts tourists with its clear waters and palm trees. The idyllic surfer haven has cheap beer and wonderful nightlife which is perfect for easygoing tourists.


Don’t miss: Loki Mancora


7. Punta del Este, Uruguay


Punta del Este, Uruguay


Punta del Este is very famous among South American partygoers. Known as “the Monaco of the South”, the tiny city brightens up during tourist season.


So, take yourself to a classy beach bar to experience nightlife at its best.


Don’t miss: OVO, Capi


8. Lima, Peru


Lima, Peru


Lima is brimming with a nightlife that can fit every partygoer’s tastes. With clubs dedicated to specific genres such as reggaeton and electronic, the city has a world-class ambiance and style.


Don’t miss: Blue Mint, Nebula


9. Sao Paulo, Brazil


Sao Paulo, Brazil


Sao Paulo’s nightlife is quite hard to catch up with. The city has parties that go on 24 hours a day.


Sao Paulo has brilliant live music spots as well. Be it jazz or blues, this destination will definitely keep you entertained.


Don’t miss: Bar Brahma, The Orleans, Tapas Club


10. Cusco, Peru


Cusco, Peru


While Cusco might be famous for its Inca sites, it also hosts some buzzing nightlife. The high-altitude city has some wild party hostels that attract adventurous tourists from all continents.


Don’t miss: Mama Africa, Loki Hostel


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